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If you need to travel between New York City and either Boston, Philly, or DC but are on a tight budget, here's a travel tip for you: the Chinese bus.

The first company to offer such services was the Fung Wah Bus, which began routes between New York City and Boston in 1998.

Bear in mind, we're not talking about luxury transportation here. If you're seeking a comfy ride and many amenities en route, you may prefer to take the LimoLiner between Boston and New York.

However, if you're a college student or other traveler with limited means, you'll be among frugal comrades in addition to many Chinese travelers.
Yo mamma so cheap, she gave birth to you on a Chinese bus.

I can't decide between the Fung Wah or the Hung Low.
What did you call me!
by Donarino February 12, 2008
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