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Nationalism of the Chinese people
China is:
-one of the oldest nations
-largest population
-fastest growing and 2nd largest economy
-largest and 2nd strongest military
-unique culture and diveristy
-most spoken language (mandarin)
-4th largest tourist attraction
-dominates in sports (won most gold medals in 2008 olympics)
-nuclear superpower
-most univeristies in the world
-largest manufacturer with "made in china" products everywhere
-3rd largest auto industry
-most powerful country in the east
-3rd largest movie industry
chinese pride is everything I listed above!
by Chinanation April 02, 2011
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Nothing. Chinese people have no pride. They will do anything for money, thus rendering themselves pride-less.
Jack: Hey, suck mah fishsticks!
China: No! Meybe foh Three Dollah!
Jack: ... How about three cents?
Jack: Dude... don't you have any Chinese Pride?
China: What dat?
by Mao_Zedong December 26, 2009
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