euphanism for threesome sexual position in which the woman is entered from both ends. Coined by director Kevin Smith in "Chasing Amy".
That slut is insatialble, she is especially fond of fingercuffs.
by possesedjester April 21, 2003
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-Verb, This spectacular event requires a few step process and assumes the following scenario.

At least two people are inserted into someone in between them that is in a sitting or standing doggy style position.

The process begins with DP-ing someone in a synchronized rhythmic fashion. Next, after initiating some signal everyone immediately withdraws themselves from the inside of the person and with arms wildly flailing revolve around the same penetrated individual switching places with your comrades in sex in a musical chairs fashion.

Afterward high 10's and pretend chest bumps are highly recommended.
Oh man, you should have seen the Chinese Fingercuff Drill they pulled on her at lunch time!
by VFXWizard2 December 10, 2010
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