A kind of course that teach you the most difficult language in the world, including a kaleidoscope of words and irregular grammars, besides, every single word has different meaning while put with other words. A Chinese class will install you knowledges with highly subjective perspective, most of which might be incredibly useless and doesn't make sense. Though Chinese classes are usually unreasonable, if you want to pass your final exam, you have no choice but to yield to Chinese teachers’ opinions.
A Chinese class can also used to describe something useless or unreasonable.
Student A: Every day is a holiday somewhere in the world.
Student B: It's such a Chinese class!
by Sherlock Eurus December 21, 2019
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a diabolical curse on your life. the teachers barley know English and send you too the office for no reason, and just cause the other kids Asian doesn't mean has amazing at everything, like jeez Louise. and the teachers a fag
oh shit we have chinese class
by SPECIAL NED November 17, 2021
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