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Chimjaju is the rare evolution of Chimchar, an already exceedingly worthless pokeman from the popular childrens card game, pokemon. Chimjaju evolves when your Chimchar fails so hard it delevels to level 1, evolving into Chimjaju. Chimjaju can't learn any moves but special, self-inflicting moves. Chimjaju can't even say it's own name like other pokemons can, showing it's utter stupidity. In fact, when you call your Chimjaju, it will respond with "wtf?" Chimjaju's are quite common and can be found in relatively Asian high schools, and you are advised to kill them on sight if you don't have pokeballs to subjugate them.

Additionally, a Chimjaju is so stupid it's intellect rivals the epic failure of the tomonori. Fortunately, Chimjaju's cannot breed, and are in fact just degenerate monkeys that lack any real central nervous system. Rest assured, I did not hear you like Chimjaju's.
Ash: Alright! I caught a Chimjaju
Misty/may/other female sluts like Brock or throwaway characters : But you already have at least 20.
Ash : Yes, but I like to send them to professor Oak.
Oak : Little shit! I did your mom!...i really did.
Ash : Enjoy your herpes.
Oak : what?
Ash : Sorry i meant AIDS.
Oak : oh good.
by zzzzzxxxxxxxxxzzx September 24, 2008
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