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To hang hard, preferably with several to many bros, engaging in activities such as beer pong, delving into the seminal works of David Hume, drum circles, rap battles, disk golf, and imbibing ganja through various techniques, only to name a few.
-Hey baby, you wanna smoke L's in the jacuzzi with the girlies and I?

-Sorry gurrl, but chu know I'm chillen' hardbody with my dogg Tron 2nite!
by nome de plum August 10, 2010
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To relax, to sustain, or to compensate for lack of, intensely pleasurable activities, activities typically involving the bros, but not necessarily. Can include anything from physically strenuous, to emotionally compromising pastimes.
I am just going to go bowling with the bros, chillen' hardbody, yadaha I'm sayin'?!?
by bra-man August 06, 2010
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