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A YouTuber whos channel is about video games snow boarding and killing stuff. Hes pretty fuckin funny, most people have probably never even heard of him. But for the most part he just likes to keep it real and make sure the morgue has plenty of bodies.
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by DUDE_JUST_ STFU March 08, 2017
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A new you tuber who's channel centers around videos games and out door activities like snow boarding and killing shit. He is widely known for being the best in the world at the mobile games "Pixel Gun 3d" and "Trigger Fist" . You will often find his name among some of the highest scores/stats in ios games. He calls out haters on his channel and makes them look like fools. Hes also known for throwing around his political views which no one really can tell if hes republican or libertarian but never the less hes savage af.
Also quoted yelling," im gonna kneel u down and slice ur fucking throat". Or "how about i tie you to a tree... Poke a hole in your gut and see what the wolves are eating for dinner".
CHill TACtics likes to shoot stuff.
CHill TACtics most famous quote," Bro I don't think you fully appreciate on how mass of a scale I don't give a shit".
Another well known quote is," You liberals will be the cause of your own destruction, because of your blindness to the world around you and your completely reality challenged.
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by DUDE_JUST_ STFU March 26, 2017
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