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A widespread phenomenon which occurs when (usually) a couple will buy a house based on it's expansive lawn and one story layout because they have, or intend to have, two or more children.
One of the leading causes of suburban sprawl, childsprawl typically involves a ranch house set back from the street with a large open (read-a homogenously treeless lawn) back yard (which is often used to build another room onto the back, since zoning won't allow the front yard to be built on no matter how deep it is).
Dog Sprawl is similar to, and oftentimes accompanied by, dogsprawl, except that rather than use a public baseball diamond or other playing field, they use the yard for this purpose (which, in turn, compacts the soil and renders it unproductive.)
One need only watch HGTV to see the process of childsprawl in action.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 February 02, 2007
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