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Chico's Tacos is a small restaurant chain located in El Paso, Texas that serves the BEST tacos you will ever eat in your life. Founded on July 4, 1953 by boxing promoter Joe Mora, Chico's has entered into local legend for its rolled tacos, a special tomato soup-like sauce, as well as its low prices. Chico's Tacos has since expanded to five El Paso locations, primarily on the town's east side. Since Mr. Mora's 1992 death, the restaurants continue to be run by his surviving children.

Chico's Tacos is held in high regard by many past and current residents of El Paso; many former residents make it a point to visit when in town. Jim Ward of rock band Sparta has been noted as a fan . In 2003 the 78th Texas House of Representatives adopted a resolution (HR 84), introduced by El Paso representative Norma Chavez, honoring the Mora family and celebrating the restaurant's 50th anniversary . According to this resolution, other Chico's Tacos fans include comedian Paul Rodriguez, members of boy band 'N Sync, lead singer of pop punk band Sugarcult Tim Pagnotta, boxer Oscar de la Hoya, and former professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero. also carlos mencia the comiedian, also Julian Munoz, a high student of the social sciences
Dude lets go to chicos tacos yea im starving its very cheep too
by Irvin Chavez October 20, 2007
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A local El Paso favorite.A fastfood joint specializing in rolled tacos in a special tomato sauce with graded chese and green salsa. Renowned for its hangover curing abilities however over indulgence in this spicy meal is known to cause hershey squirts and the accumulation of poison fart gas.Chico's tacos breath is also something to avoid if your planning on getting laid.
I'm all goat mouthed and hungover, might as well head over to Chico's Tacos and my butt hole will pay later.
by Rub Dogg August 27, 2006
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the best food you could eat in el paso and we are just lucky to have them they are just so good with the green salsa umm good if ate at night after the party when everyone is usually hungry!!
person 1: oh man im hungry!!

person 2: we should go to chico's tacos!!!

person 1: yes i love chicos hahaha
by crazygirl08 September 06, 2010
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