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A condiment developed by experimental gastronomist Joseph Trinity, Chickenaise is a culinary breakthrough. Thought to be a biological impossibility, Dr. Trinity discovered that it is possible to infuse an emulsion of specific oils, herbs and spices with not only the albumen of Galliformes' or Anseriformes' eggs, but with the parent fowl itself. The resulting product is a creamy, rich, hearty spread with limitless food service applications. As of this writing, Chickenaise is currently pending FDA approval. In March of 2010, a poultry advocacy group, Individuals Believing in Ethical Chicken treatment (IBEC) petitioned to ban Chickenaise, citing "...the abhorrent concoction is degrading to chickens and birds of the like. To take the life of an unborn creature egg for the purpose of consumption is in itself inhumane. But to slaughter and combine it's own mother in the dish is perverse. Tasty, but perverse."
This BLT is dry and lacking a hint of bird. I wish someone would develop Chickenaise!!!
by jostriwa March 19, 2010
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