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Usually a straight, white male who is incredibly egotistical yet for no good reason because he is very skinny and not good looking. If you call someone this name, it often means you strongly hate them or want to beat them up (because in many instances you are commenting on their weight/size). Originally used by Trippie Redd in his song "Taking a Walk".
Talking shit but he don't know shit. Chicken noodle ass nigga, man you boneless
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by egirl666 February 26, 2019
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featured in one of trippie redds songs

a food+a black man= chicken noodle ass nigga
Chad- Have you heard the song Taking A Walk by Trippie Redd

Chad Brad and Kyle- NO

Chad- its lowkey fire wanna drink some energy drinks

Chicken Noodle Ass Nigga- Featured in Taking A Walk By Trippie Redd
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by xLinkskii YT July 02, 2019
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