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A catch phrase used by some at Osceola Middle School.
The word started when two best friends had a sleep over. Most wonder what on earth it means, but no one actually knows. Can be used in any situation;
Friend: I just got a new phone!
Me: Wow!
Me: Chickatow!
School beacme obsessed when I started writing it on my hand, and flashing it in random peoples faces at lunch, and in most of my classes.
may be misspeled as Chikatow, Chickentown, Chicatow.
Another way I use it is, Chickatow-ie.
Teacher: Minya, you got an A on your test.
by Minya May 12, 2008
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Derived from the genius of Pootie Tang. Slang for just about anything exclamatory.
"My dog just ran away." "Chickatow-now!"

"Lets go have a threesome with my hot girlfriend Lisa." "Chickatowww!"
by CvonB February 26, 2009
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