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Cheus; A cheus enjoys tem Pillage, CS, Brownage, tem ladies, prone shiny things and is tor l33t design0r.
Cheus you ist tor gheyor
by Is It April 05, 2005
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Originating from the term geezer and tightened to compliment the twenty-first century. One's cheus is his best buddy, the sort of chap you can go sharking and shopping with, who will play the game and instruct you on whether light or dark blue suits you better.

The kind of guy you can pwn n00bs with just as much as you can take into a bunch of scallies for some bruise-action.
Cheus, it is simple; if Natalie Portman was to come round to borrow some sugar your Benq will not get her into bed, but a Cinema Display will, and that is why it is more expensive.
by Rinsage June 09, 2005
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