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Chestermagic is the unique ability held by individuals to connect with just about anyone in a very compressed period of time. Chestermagic is employed generally in challenging situations where two or more individuals must work through their differences to achieve an outcome.

Chestermagic also has a negative side. Oft referred to as "the curse of the Chestermagic." The curse of the Chestermagic results in those individuals who choose to use Chestermagic becoming the default "go to" person for far more people than any individual can truly sustain for prolonged periods of time. This can create a situation where practitioners of Chestermagic have virtually their entire day consumed by helping people work through issues that do not necessarily directly impact the practitioner.
"That person can be a challenge, all I need is a little Chestermagic to get things on the right track."

"Chestermagic has never failed me."

"Chestermagic sucks sometimes. These people all come to me with their problems and want my help."

Dude, can you toss out a little Chestermagic? Got some tough customers here.
by bpct October 29, 2013
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