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Cherinna is a name given to an extraodinary sexy, cute, adorable, cheeky, sweet and savage girl. Nothing can be better than her, her smile just lights up everyones day even in their saddest or darkest moments. She may not be that perfect but she is perfect enough to make the whole world fall in love with her. She has the most beautifulest eyes ever they just sparkle in the sunlight. Her voice is the most satisfying thing you could ever hear, you will never get tired of listening to her voice even if she talks for hours, her skin is the softest thing you could possibliy feel it's as smooth as a babys bottom. No matter how mad or annoying she is you could never stop loving her because she's way too adorable to be mad at!.
I couldn't stop staring at Cherinna when i first saw her!
by Derek_Savage March 30, 2017
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