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Term comes from a very unique line of family royalty among indigenous people. Chelynn defines a woman of the highest degree of morale, beautifully filled soul, very down to earth, most humble person you will ever encounter, she is known for her artistic/creative mind, whose very calm and collected, who will give you a smile vs the finger in any situation, very family oriented being and the love for her family and friends is unmeasurable. Gets annoyed easily by those who talk, but really has nothing to say. Quiet, but savage when need be.

Chelynn AKA Joyful, wild & free, spontanenous, kind, a statisfying soul, a breath of fresh air, key to your heart, the sugar to your lemonade, the cherry atop your sundae, your one & only, the one who got away, your boo and everything in between.

You haven't lived your life until you met a Chelynn.
I have been so lucky in my life, because I have found Chelynn.

Because Chelynn is apart of my life now, I feel I have lived life to the fullest.

Chelynn completes me.
by Life, chelynn December 20, 2016
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