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cheexy (cheeks·ee) adj. 1. Describes a person who is awesome, talented, kind, or is a long-haired man. 2. Describes a person who is stupid, retarded, or mean. Can be used in each sense, but must be recognized as in what sense through tone of voice, emoticons used, or style of typing written.
1a. Did you see her stunt at the dance? That was so CHEEXY!
1b. Wow, look at him play the guitar! He's very CHEEXY.
1c. Aww, he sent flowers to her on their date. That was so CHEEXY of him.
1d. Holy cow, Anthony Kiedis is CHEEXY.

2a. Geez, she's so CHEEXY! I can't believe she flunked the exam she studied all night for.
2b. That's really CHEEXY, Ron. Don't be like this and ruin your career.
2c. Ugh, those girls are so CHEEXY to everybody. I wish they would just go away sometimes.
by Crislena July 23, 2006
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