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A very special sexual maneuver requiring a whore and a lot of time spent not showering. The key to the cheese rollup is to not only satisfy your sexual desires, but also satisfy the hunger of the starving whore who has not eaten anything for a long while. First you must abstain from showering for around three weeks. Yes it seems excessive, but it is imperative to develop a nice aged cheese flavor for your cock and cum. Next you need to find a whore (A Taco Bell employee may be a good place to start). Not any whore though, the bitch has to be very hungry. If you find one you like, but she is not starving, simply lock her up in a closet for a couple of days. Finally, you can take her out of the closet and initiate very good 69 sex. This gives the cheese roll up the actual "rolling up" position. Allow her to suck your cock until ejaculation. Remember she is starving so she will eat that sucker up nice and good. Upon ejaculation, she will get a lovely load with a very good sharp cheddar flavor. If you want to spice things up a little bit (literally), wait another week without showering and you will notice a more nutty provolone flavor. Wait 2 more weeks and it becomes pepper jack. 3 more weeks gives you a Mexican blend and 4 more weeks (a total of 7 weeks without showering) will let you achieve the liquid gold status. A status only obtain by a master cheese rollup-er.
He knew she was hungry, so he waited to shower in order to give her a nice cheese rollup to eat.
by pecker squad111 April 03, 2017
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