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1) A machine that, when filled with different types of cheese, transports said cheese into one's pocket, the perfect place for all of your cheese.

2) A form of currency used to buy cheese machines, approximately 3 cheese machines can be exchanged for one cheese machine. It should be noted that this is no different than the first definition except in this instance the machine is being used as currency instead of a high tech dairy teleporter.
1) "Where you cheeses goin' today? We're going to cheeseland...everybody gonna go to uh...CHEESE MACHINE!"

2) "How much do you think this wonderful machine costs?"
"Oh I'd say about 6 or 7,000 dollars."
"That's where you're wrong my friend, you can get this cheese machine with three easy payments of the cheese machine."

"See, now I would have thought you'd have paid with money."
"Nope, you pay with cheese machines. Soon everything in the world will be bought with cheese machines...because of the economy and stuff."
by Jeralide December 03, 2009
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