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A Master Chief Petty Officer who's very mischievous, cunning, and possesses the mind of a 7 year old. One "cheeky chief" may be seen making "ur mom" jokes (estimated to be up to 4x more cancerous than "your mom" jokes) or eating Nutella straight from the jar after masturbating to 700GB of porn. As long as you keep enough vaseline and tissues around, cheeky chiefs are harmless.
"Oh, Chief, you're so cheeky. Cheeky chief."
"Rat's Nest and Standoff just don't appeal to me very much gameplay-wise, so really, if I paid the ten dollars, all I'd probably be doing is messing around in Foundry, which doesn't really seem worth a sixth of the game's retail price to me. And the Foundry's "sandbox" idea sounds like something that should have shipped with the game to begin with, considering Halo 3 has eleven maps, not enough of which are close-quarters maps, and Call of Duty 4 has like, twenty. You can argue that Call of Duty 4 multiplayer maps use identical geometry as the campaign mode so they're not really "new" environments and you could say that Infinity Ward "cut corners" in that respect, but it doesn't detract from the fun in either mode regardless. My point is that I don't really think the heroic map pack is worth it. The map pack should have been a freebie, in my opinion."
>"taht wuz quit3 a mouthful!!1 i gess ur used 2 that kind of thign"
by SpaghettiMan June 16, 2015
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