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When a shopper fills their cart with anything that looks interesting or good, giving absolutely no thought to the cost of these things. They proceed to the check-out lane and hold up the line as they ask the cashier to scan different combinations of items, until they finally decide on a group of things that they are happy with *and* can afford.

While most people with a limited amount of shopping money would take the time to add up prices in their mind/on paper/on a calculator, and estimate their total, this person seems to believe that they can grab whatever and it will just magically work out somehow. No matter how many times they leave without everything they selected, they will always try it again next time.
After watching the cashier scan four items for the current customer, only to remove three and then be asked to scan two more, Jim realized that this check out swap out was going to take a while.
by DobbyCanOnlyBeFreedIf October 09, 2013
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