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(Adj.): A descriptive word hybrid of CHEAP and PEOPLE used by bartenders, taxi drivers, valets or other people who are not well paid in sevice industry jobs and depend on tips to make a living.

The word is used by sevice staff to describe wealthy patrons who come to their establishments or use their servises. These wealthy people often times make a mess, run their server ragged, are a pain in the ass or are just generaly stupid.

The resulting use of the word (often mummbled under the breath) comes from when above mentioned rich jerks leave an INSULTINGLY TINY TIP for the amount of effort that was expended upon them.

The intent being that the rich SOB could easily afford to tip generously for the extra service they recieved, having blown a wad of cash on their dinner/ride/service, and then being chinsy at the last moment. This is double insulting to a server/cabbie when the rich patron has made insinuations that they would "TIP BIG" when they first arrived. (Author note: People who are cheaple deserve it when servers spit in their food or have a taxi "dump" them off at a gas station. Tight wad SOB's!)

OLD PROVERB:-Be gentle unto those who bake thy dinner for they may serve thee a cut of cold death. - Aetus-Roman Comander of the Centurian legion (465 a.d.)
Server A: "That fat slob and his family only left me a two dollar tip! Awh Jeez! I worked my ass off on that table and was nice even when their brat spilled milk all over the table and floor. Then they lingered over a half hour bull shitting each other and complaining to me when I wasn't their every three minutes. Crummy cheap bastards!"
Server B: "Yep, you got a table of CHEAPLE. I feel sorry for you. I bet your tired now, but next time you'll be better able to spot their type."

Taxi driver kicks an abusive drunk out as a local "stop n' rob" and yells out the window, " You damn CHEAPLE! I drove your sorry drunk butt all over town, and you don't even know where your going. You can afford to blow a hundred bucks on rottgut but you can't pay for your cab! This is how I make my living you cheap-ass booze sponge! Damn CHEAPLE!!!! I'm calling the cops! Hope you fall under a bus! "
by armoroid 5000 July 20, 2009
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