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The San Antonio Spurs of the NBA.

No other team of players in any sport has been assembled in the history of mankind that approaches the cheapness factor of the San Antonio Spurs.
Hey Ed, did you see the cheapest team in the world last night? They beat the New Orleans Hornets after getting 15 straight ref calls in their favor.

The cheapest team in the world consists of "grab your balls" Bruce Bowen, cheap shot Rob Horry, "little French fucker" Tony Parker - the shittiest rapper in the world, Tim "I should be punched in the face every time I hit one off glass" Duncan, Manu "I just flail my arms and foul every person with the ball on defense but never get called for it" Ginobli, and a bunch of other notable cheap bastards that should be all hit with bats for being so cheap.
by P-Rog May 09, 2008
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