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this word can mean a number of things: Dope, as in excesivley cool. amazingly hot looking girl, and anything meaning really cool
Damn!, this party is hella che'che'

Oh damn girl you're lookin so che'che' today.
by Declan Maloney October 14, 2007
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Name given to a special child usually good at sports and with girls. Has many friends and you can't help but love him. Girls are easily attracted to him, he makes everyone laugh. Has hidden intelligence in school work but doesn't show it. A must have friend. Amazingly handsome a must have guy
I wish Cheche was here right now

He always knows what to do
by Temi fuck off June 03, 2017
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Someone who has difficulties accepting he is bad at things.
Please don't invite esfand to our game. He is a big cheche so it's not fun to play with him.
by FutureWilbo October 08, 2019
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