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Chavpool is and alternative word for the small shithole of Blackpool. Its a rundown place next to a bit of water.

Chavpool can boast many records in cluding:

The highest rate of teenage pregnancy
The most homeless people in the country
The most herion addicts in the country

All this was proven by the government

The also have what is called a gypo. Gypos live in caravans and run crappy fairground rides and hook-a-duck. Chavpool is overrun by gypos.

These gypos tend to do things in half and not finish anything, This can been seen in the stadium of the great chavpool fc. Local chavs turn out in there hundreds on saturdays to see this great team. However due to locals the ground is only half finished.

The is also the golden shower mile, where normal people come to see the chavs on a saturday drink all there beer and piss on there land.

The locals tend to stick to themselves and therefore there only actually 4 families in the area with all of then breeding new chavs between them

Please beware when going there.
by Chav Edwards November 11, 2004
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