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That hideously frustrating verbal chat labyrinth that you get caught up in, when calling a business (usually a big conglomerate), where you have to choose option 1, 2, 3 or 4, etc. a bewildering number of times before at long last being allowed to speak with a real in-the-flesh customer help person. When you think you're about to lose that final shred of sanity you're so desperately clinging to, a real person just happens to become available. By then, in all your delirium, you may easily have forgotten why the bejeezus you even called the number in the first place. You might even hang up the phone in great consternation and proceed to hunt down a household bottle of Javex and drain its contents out of invoked feelings of self-loathing. (okay, okay, the last sentence was a bit of an attempt at lame humour, folks - so, DEFINITELY do not try that at home, or anywhere else for that matter. Be good to yourselves today!) ;)
"I got caught in the chatterinth again yesterday when I called to cancel my cable - man, I could have taken a sledgehammer to the phone I was so infuriated!!! When a real person finally came on the line, she was like the wicked witch of the west with me! Geez, do I ever hate that clunky, no-good chatterinth. Whose brain child was that?!?"

- Oswald N. Norton (fictional character)
by languagegirl6 August 12, 2007
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