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A silence which occurs because of the depletion of words to keep an interesting (well, sometimes awkward) chat between two or more people.

Can be categorized as a common cerebral illness and a form of stupidity. Possible cause of this illness is not particularly known, but chat experts hypothesized that this condition usually happens due to vocabulary deficiency, incompetent decision-making skills (to decide what to say), or loss of will to continue the chat (let's say, boredom).
A is feeling blank today.
A : Hey bro.
B : Hi.
A : How's your day?
B : Just fine. How's yours?
A : Just like the other days.

A: So.... (A tries hard to find a topic in order to keep the chat alive, but well - His mind is going nuts today.)
(Chatdeath occurs. Game over.)
by Walker-Around-The-Town January 30, 2014
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