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A statement or gesture that creates instant chaos in a live chat.

Ex. 1: When accepting a game award for Overwatch live, you state "keep them out for Harambe".
*chaos ensues*

Ex. 2: Bob Ross, being streamed on Twitch, pulls off the border surrounding his painting and collectively blows everyone's minds.
*chaos ensues*
One might say, "Damn, Jeff just dropped a Harambe chatbomb. That fucking madman."
Or maybe, "No one drops chatbombs like Bob Ross. He drops chat-carpetbombs."
by theKRAMNELLA December 01, 2016
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When someone adds a lot of people to a chatroom with the intention of ruining it.
"Dude, John just chatbombed again!"
"He added 400 people to our chat...Now they're just putting porn everywhere!"
by gletscherchan June 24, 2016
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The same as a photobomb, except you say hi and immediately log off of whatever chat you're in.
That SOB, just chatbombed me
Time to Chat bomb >:)
Screw chat, all I get is chatbombers
by beastmasterX March 11, 2011
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