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A tent typically draped over a muslim woman's entire body to prevent her skin from being seen by men, which would inevitably lead to sex: if a man sees any woman's skin he would be unable to resist his sexual urges, and would inevitably have to honor her obvious sexual invitation by forcing her to have sex. Her adultery or premarital sex would bring shame to her family, who in turn would be forced to stone her to death to uphold their honor.

A chastity tent is similar to a chastity belt in that the goal is to prevent women from having sex with other men. The difference is that the chastity belt physically prevents sex, and is enforced with a key, whereas the chastity tent works by visually preventing women from being seen (which inevitably leads to sex), and is enforced with the threat of beatings, rape, and stoning to death.

Muslim women enjoy covering themselves with a concealing chastity tent or head tent, even when overheating in the hot desert sun.
Doctor: Your vitamin D levels are dangerously low. If you continue to wear that chastity tent you put yourself at greater risk for heart disease and osteoporosis, and the baby you breastfeed may become malnourished and develop rickets. You must have 15 minutes of sunlight on your skin everyday.

Woman: I'd rather risk disease and a stunted child than be beaten by my husband or raped and then stoned to death.
by 4justice August 05, 2009
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