An apparatus designed to prevent the wearer from engaging in genital copulation.

For a female wearer, this is usually a chastity belt which is essentially metal clad underwear with a small hole for urination and a larger one for defecation. For short term wear, there is sometimes no holes or a plug in place of the holes.

For a male wearer, this is usually either a chastity belt molded to fit over his genitals, a chastity tube which is a solid tube attached to a rigid ring, or a chastity cage which is identical to a chastity tube except for the tube is constructed of interconnected horizontal and/or vertical bars.

Sometimes, the apparatus is constructed using piercings, pee-through plugs or urethral sounds, and other instruments of bondage.
As a submissive pseudomale, I always wear a chastity device when I engage in sexual activities.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 17, 2021
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