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n. a magical month long celebration of all that is chase.
A form of festivus for the rest of us in the honor of the high goddess chase.
This age-old tradition dates back to the days of yore. It all started in 1724 when the monks of Sicili attempted to prevent the inevitable extinction of the dodo bird by warbling CHAAAAAAAAAAAASE (low pitch A's).
this time is best celebrated with GREEN mint chocolate chip ice cream and peanut butter, finger painting, playing on playgrounds at night,letting rats nuzzle your bosom, celebrating in bathrooms at midnight, having bad dance parties, shaving cats, dressing up in whatever your heart desires, riding elephants, whil wearing capes knee socks and bonnets.
one friend has been quoted with saying, "my cheeks are red with chasember delight."
by chasiest of the chaserson December 02, 2006
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