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1. Two days a week, two hours a day, two reasons to get fucked up the rest of the time.

2. Summer vacation 24/7

3. Either here for two reasons; you want to get done with school early (over achieving bitch) or your the person they had to fucking pull into class and duct tape your eyes open.

4. No matter their age, size, race, or appearance; they smoke weed. (No need to ask, just pass.)

5. Wasn't your first choice but hope it's the last.
Beep! Beep! Beep!
There is no chirping birds.
There is no smell of fresh coffee.
The toast is not being made.
Your mom's not in your room yelling at you to get up.
It's your homie with a blunt ready to smoke.
Yeah thats Charter School of San Diego.
by Crazy K & Lizzy April 28, 2008
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