a friend group of 8 that is an elite batch of singaporean idiots
phyo: youre such a chaotic cows today
kab: ikr, i cant stop being high
by dvesl April 24, 2021
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Chaotic Cows isnt just a friend group. Its an elite group of people, they are an escape from this cruel world,they ARE art or a hug from a loved one. They're everything you've ever wanted in your life,if you think about it and admire each of them they are the most ethereal beings. Its like a sunset, different shades of colours combined to create a beautiful atmosphere. All in all, they are a bunch of chaotic and humorous friends that are wrapped together like the first gift you open on Christmas.
"Chaotic cows are the swaggiest people you'll meet"
by cosmic_teddyy April 25, 2021
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