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Can be used as a verb, adjective, or noun. This word is used to replace other words, no word in particular. Acts as a place holder or substitute in a sentence. This word was created by David Massey in 2016, caught wind during a California summer in 2018.

Alternative versions of this word include:

Chanklooks Chanklooky Chanklookeed Chanklee Chankleeky Chankleeks
Examples of the word in a sentence include:

-Hey chanklooks, what are you doing?

-Stop being such a chankleeky.

-This food is so chanklooks, thank for making it chanklook!

-Her outfit is so chankleeks! Where can I buy it?

-You look so chanklooky today.

-Oops. I just chanklookeed my pants.

-I was like chanklooks, chankleeks. And she was like chanklooky! So I was like what the chankleeks?!
by YorkieLover323 July 30, 2018
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