When you come across a Chanho you might be struck by his sense of fashion (these men are dangerously always on point with clear skin for days your ovaries and testicals have been warned) and think that he just might be a heterosexual. Most of these guys aren’t, they’re actually alpacasexual. Their shy and awkward nature in which they communicate with people has a way of making them appear genuine in a way that is hard to find in society these days and despite experiencing series of tribulations he still manages to push himself and seek joy in his day to day life. If you know a guy like this your incredibly lucky not only because he knows Lana del Rey like the back of his hand but because they’re the sweetest human beings, you might come across. They’re kind, loyal, astute observers, sensitive, and empathetic to the extent where you might question how someone that amazing is in your life today. Naturally intelligent and embodying the energy of a VSCO girl on crack at 3am constantly is hard to come by. Please watch for the yellow hydroflask and the twink energy they seem to exude with their constant skskskssksksking.

Appreciate the Chanho’s in your life because they’re tenacious and ambitious.

Symptoms of Chanho
Has an obsession with Chen from EXO

Says Anna Ou way too many times in a day to be emotionally stable
Friendship bracelets for days
Has a crush on everyone to the point he might be the Oprah meme personified
Strikingly handsome

Crippling anxiety
WOAH! Who is that hot Asian guy with a yellow hydroflask?
Yeah, That's just Chanho
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by SKSKSKSK-i-got-u December 24, 2019
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