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A pansexual alien from a planet of unknown origin. Because they are a different species, Changens cannot interact socially with human beings, and are often mistaken for common retards. Changens have but one goal, to purify every world in the universe from the existence of Tubbs. Only when their work is complete will Changens return to their home planet. Thus far, specialists have been able to learn only little of the Changen home world. From what they have discovered, notable differences include the fact that "Danger Zone" rhymes with "Boiler Room", and that "the more you litter, the greater the chances of finding a trashcan". It is also widely believed that the Changen home planet is in fact a vast empire, led by a Dictator named Mao.
Do you know why that kid is eating pizza with chopsticks?
Yeah, don't worry about him, he's just a Changen
by OrionShea November 14, 2014
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