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people who wear flip-flops at the office on a cold day while wearing pants or a jacket.
"Hey Armando, look at all the stupid bitches have pants and jacket on while wearing flip-flops and they say it's cold? Are they stupid or what?"
"Yeah they are they call them chancludas look it up on urban dictionary"
by massivet3 April 26, 2017
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From the Spanish root word "chancla," which means "flip flop" (like the cheap shoes). A "chancluda", literally meaning "A female wearing flip flops," but in Mexico, prostitutes pride themselves on their shoes, and a prostitute wearing flip flops is the cheapest, skankiest, sluttiest, nastiest hooker out there because she charges so little (because of her disgusting appearance) that she can only afford to buy flip flops with her meager earnings. Hence, a "chancluda" is a whore of the very lowest standards in Mexico.
One might use the verbiage of: "Your mother is a skanky ass chancluda, bitch." when attempting to insult a spanish-speaking rival.
by Mcleanlive January 19, 2011
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