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A chambrin is a non-derrogatory, humorous term for a man or woman of Nicaraguan origin, usually someone corresponding the lower class. The chambrin can be found trying to enter night clubs and constantly get rejected. Their musical genre of choice is reggaeton and they often call local radio stations to request songs, say hello to their friends, and to seek friends or amorous relationships.

The male chambrin has very perverted tendencies, and never misses the chance to whistle at a girl (especially if she is white) or yell things at her such as "Adios muñeca rica" ("Bye, delicious babydoll") or racial categorizations like "chelita" (blondie) or "chinita" (little chinese).

The chambrin has a very distinc form of speech that is often spoken in a very fast and sometimes incoherent Nicaraguan slang. This includes expressions as "oye vo" (hey you), "tas loco vos" (you're crazy you) and "me vale verga hijueputa" (I don't give a shit, son of a bitch). They are also very lacking in the ability to speak the English language, whether it be the pronounciation (Guatchorneim? = What's your name?), verb conjugation (I didn't did it), or simply the misuse of words in a sentence (Cheese my seester).
(a white girl is at a club and goes outside to smoke or chat with her friends)

- Chambrin (with thick, thick Nicaraguan accent): *kissing noises* Ey yu, sexi tang, vanna see mai anaconda?

(the girl ignores him and rolls her eyes)

- Chambrin: Ayyy, com on! Baby, don'tchu be laik dat! Imma trreet chu real nais!

(the girl leaves and the chambrin achieves nothing)
by beccakings January 21, 2010
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