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Mexican slang
The act of attempting to fool, deceive, or make fun of another individual. This word gets its roots from the word, 'chamaco', meaning child, kid, or youngster in coloquial spanish. It thus means, to be fooled like a child, to be made fun of or taken advantage of because of one's own innocence or naivite.

chamaqueado - male, and chamaqueada - female, to have been made fun of/fooled/decieved.

chamaquear - to make fun/fool someone.
Ex. 1
I'm so upset because I totally got chamaqueada at the farmer's market today, some bitch sold me shitty ass bannana bread for way more than it's original value.

Ex. 2
I'm going to chamaquear John today, I'm gonna sell this gringo some stinky fake clothes for twice their value!
by Rupertongo August 27, 2009
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