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Chadé is connected to the earth through a love of all of nature. Kindness and compassion are her strengths. She was born to teach and guide others and take them on an epic journey of love. A one of a kind special soul to encounter.
"That woman is so at one with mother nature, how awesome! What a Chadé! "
by InNirvana September 05, 2018
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Man I thought Julius' just had a weird and low bellybutton at the swim party! But it was really just his huge chade.
by danceswithchodes July 24, 2009
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Adjective used to describe something bad.
Dan: Jesus, the skid population at our school is increasing every year. It really is a problem.
Mike: I know! It's so chade.

Rob: What did you get on the physics test?
Ming Wu: I got 80%. Now how will I get into med school!?!?
Rob: Sounds pretty chade.
by rags2ritch October 13, 2010
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The act of thoroughly enjoying cutting up copious lines of cocaine with and for your friends. To chade or to cut and blast.
I love nothing more than chading fat bags the whole weekend.

We just chaded the whole way to mexico
by dominant frequency November 25, 2011
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An ingrown penis. Not inside out but it curves extremely sharply around back into the body.
Yeah well at least I CAN jerk off because I don't have a chade unlike you.
by DrmoTroniczZ June 09, 2015
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