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a super white boy that wears vineyard vines and khakis. u can tell he plays lacrosse by the way he sits and is typically blonde but there are some cases of brunettes and black haired chad checks. redheads are extremely rare, but possible. almost always have a nic addiction
β€œyo that boy is SUCH a chad check”
by chadcheck42069 March 24, 2019
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its were you check all your bro bros and see how rad they are
"yo broski ima have to Chad Check you brosive"
by Oddie February 16, 2019
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The act of proving your superiority over another male by replying to his dick pic with a picture of your own larger penis, directing all homosexual blame onto the other male for being a dicklet. Only works if the picture you send is, in fact, your own penis, AND if your penis is noticeably larger. Successfully chad checking someone removes all faggotry associated with sending another male a dick pic.
Chad 1: Bro some fag tried to be edgy and sent me a dick pic, so I chad checked his ass
Chad 2: Haha what a fuckin beta, nice bro
by johnnyblins June 01, 2018
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