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It means :Check It, Boy.
This expression is used when some person sends an email to another one and she calls it to warn to him and to request to him that she reviews it and is pronounced generally with Cuban accent.
It comes from the same Migration Team that create the Guenízimo word, but it was used mainly by Carlos and Pablo.
Its use became extensive to other aspects different from e-mails sending, like for example to request that some data is reviewed and confirmed.
Pablo : Che, ¿Me mandaste el archivo? (Do you sent me the file?)
Carlos: Si (Yes)
Pablo : ¿y completaste los datos? (And you fill all data?)
Carlos: Si, Chécalo Chico...

Pablo : ¿Abriste el Correo? (Do you open your mail?)
Carlos: No, todavía no. (No, not yet)
Pablo : Chécalo Chico!
by Pablo Videla October 11, 2006
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