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Derived from the collective names of the first to be diagnosed with this disease, cerealkilla, kendega, and georgerific.
One diagnosed with this illness may exhibit the following symptoms:

- excessive knowledge of pop culture
- adept at catching pop cultural references
- often speak in pop cultural references
- diarrehea

Since the disease draws on the subjects exposure to pop culture, the following types of people may be more susceptible:

- social rejects/deviates
- abuse victims
- fatties

If you know of anyone that may show any of the symptoms of ceredegarificosis, be sure to contact your local cable provider immediately.
Khoix: Darth Tater SO works..
ASUguy187: Yea :-)
ASUguy187: Darth Spud is a dud ;-)
Khoix: Well, the thing doesn't exactly scream "Lethal". It'd probably fuck up and fillet itself.
ASUguy187: i'd rather not take that chance
Khoix: And then you get corny lines for the movie like..
"How ya like them potatoes, Jedi??"
ASUguy187: +10 points for finding a way to reference good will hunting
by kendega January 20, 2005
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edit post I do believe this is what they call a failed attempt at humor.
by bump January 20, 2005
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