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Derived from positive connotations of the word eccentric. Adj;

1. Something that is original, cool, poetic, indie, mellow(or lively), inspiring, intelligent, sincere, beyondie, unique, and classy.
2. Often used to describe one who follows good music/media, is intellectually fluent, is poetic and romantic, sincere and attractive, and still humble.

3. A humble, yet talented and beloved rebel and/or loner with a small, select group of friends that flies underneath the mainstream media's and dominant social trend's radar. Also describes trend setters, and "cool" people who contently live on the fringes of society.
4. Used to describe a style/word/idea/sound that is one-of-a-kind and will inevitably become a new widespread trend due to it's aesthetic/intellectual/comedic/visual/spiritual worth.
1. That coat you purchased from that thrift store is very centrie.

2. -"I've never heard such an original band."

-"It's members are very centrie."

3. I've never seen anyone like Josh or Ulises before. They are so centrie. I wish I was one of their friends.

4. They way he meditates on hill tops- that's very centrie. I bet other people are going to start trying it.
by nonnyMcD October 13, 2009
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