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Bigoted, pro IRA, hate everything about the united kingdom however they use it to there advantage, and a lot of them actually live in the UK. Most of your celtic supporters rely on giro money and live in council housing. You will typically find a celtic supporter drinking a bottle of buckfast, passed out on the street, trying to stab someone and smashing bottles over peoples heads.
Celtic supporter 1: Gee us our giro money
Celtic supporter 2: gonna get some fucked
Celtic supporter 1: want some coke?
Celtic supporter 2: na just gee us some ecstasy
Celtic supporter 3: Fucking rangers, won 51 titles, were always playing catchup.
by celticbhoylover June 04, 2007
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A fucking legend, who wants all them brits to go fuck off with arlene foster and leave ireland the fuck alone. They also hate that absolute prod team of fucking rangers.
The celtic supporter battered the rangers fan as if he was a fish, it was a sight to behold.
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by one_ireland March 12, 2017
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