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the medical condition of stiff and/or painful elbows brought about by holding a cell phone to the ear every waking and driving minute.
"Sorry officer, I could have avoided the errant penguin if I didn't have a painful cellbow condition".
by Dean Morris August 06, 2003
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a pain felt in the elbow during extremely long conversations while using a cell phone. Pain can alternate between elbows as you switch from one hand to the other.
"Gotta go man. My Cell-bow is acting up again. Call you back in a few hours"
by Sir Gregory Peppercorn January 22, 2010
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a soreness in your elbow, arm or shoulder from typing or gaming on your smart phone for too long. Generally, the condition is found in the arm used to hold the device, not the hand used to type. Most likely to occur after a long period of use due to a layover, flight or car ride. Perhaps even long bouts on the toilet.
" I thought it was carpeltunnel, but its just a wicked case of cellbow"
by C.Night.Liem October 05, 2010
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