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The unfortunate lens that one sees through when they have not gotten lucky for quite a long time where everyone begins to look attractive (mainly people who you would not normally find attractive if you were getting laid). When wearing the celibate goggles you should display the utmost caution as it can lead to mistakes and regret. Accessorizing oneself with the celibate goggles is an open invitation to personal ridicule.
Leah: Geez girl, that guy is NAHT hot.
case 1:
Becki: He's smokin'. I'm going to have a good time tonight.
Leah: Take off your celibate goggles before you embarrass yourself.

case 2:
Becki: I'd have sex with anyone tonight, I haven't gotten laid in so long.
Jess: Take off those goggles there.
by 313vagina April 17, 2009
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