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other versions celerbation, celerbating, celerbated

1. The act of masturbating to express joy for something great that just happened.

2. Masturbating to celebrate something you did that no one gives two or even a quarter of a shit about, because you don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

3. A funny/ weird/ creepy as fuck/ possibly gay way of congratulating another on an accomplishment. This is done by cumming on them and saying "Cuntgratulations!!!" if they're a girl or "Cumgratulations!!!" if they're a guy.
1. John:"Hey Greg since you've done a great job around here, I'm promoting you to assistant manager!"
Greg:"Fuck yeah!! I got to go celerbate!!"
John:"....Awkward as fuck."

2. (Gets to level 50 in WOW or finishes Halo Campaign on Heroic ) Melvin: "I'm gonna celerbate!!! See mom, this is why I didn't finish high school!!"

3. Peter:" Hey Jim, did you hear that Katie got engaged!?"
Jim:" Yeah I saw the proposal on Facebook!"
Peter:" I think I might just celerbate with her! ;)"
Jim: "She's my sister, you fuck."
by OG Mudbone aka (TATA) May 06, 2013
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