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A spin off from Big Brother where a bunch of Z list so-called celebrities and has-beens partake in 3 weeks of humiliating themselves and bitching. The aim of the show to to emabarass the so-called celebrities and make them do tasks. Sometimes you do get genuine celnebrites in the house but few know their name, this occurance, however, is rare. The show shows that celebrities are just sad, insucure people, like us "normal people" but they are slightly more so and extremely vain. It is good to watch simply for the comedy factor, to mock and laugh and mock again. It is a catchy show like mononuclueosis and once you start watching you cant stop, some people end up watching them sleep on CBB live. spin offs include:big brothers big mouth, big brothers little brother, presented by davina mcall. These spinoff provide jobs for people and somespot on their sad lives, on the positive side of life theory. Chavs and other cliques watch it.
fanatic no.1: did you watch CBB last night?
fanatic no.2: Yea chantelle and preston sooo want each other.
fanatic no.1: yea i know they should just do it.
intelligent person: what you talking about?
fanatic 1 & 2 both yell: Celebrity big brother!
intelligent person: jesus, get a life. (walks off disgusted)
fantic 1 and 2 look rightfully sheepish for a minute then go back to avidly discussing CBB, intelligent person looks on in pity.
by phoebes January 26, 2006
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