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Ceiling jizz occurs when one blows one's load onto said surface. This difficult feat is usually achieved after especially explosive ejaculations.

At some colleges (notably the University of Notre Dame) young men throw "ceiling jizz" parties. These parties are akin to circle jerks. At such a party, each young man takes it in turn to stimulate himself. When he is close to achieving orgasm, his compatriots hold him up horizontally so that his semen goes all over the ceiling. Homosexual males may choose to stimulate each other instead. In the morning, there are often little stalactites of dried sperm hanging from the ceiling.
"So this kid nobody knows comes into our party, has a few beers, chats up some girls, thanks me and Mitch for the good time, and then... jizzes all over our ceiling."

"Jizz on her ceiling?! I hardly know her!"

"God damn it! If that kid of ours keeps jizzing on the ceiling I'm gonna..."
"Howard, calm down. You remember when we were first dating and we visited my parents' house? They had to replaster the entire room."

"Ceiling jizz. It's what's for dinner."
by CJ McSplooge March 21, 2009
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